Sublistock provides you with high quality graphics designed for use in the Sublimation, Heat Transfer and UV-LED industry. Creating your own custom t-shirt, mug, or other personalized object is quick and easy.

Choose your favorite images from our stock collection and download your files instantly after purchase. Or use our custom design service for as little as $6.

Our designers work full-time in the personalization industry and design graphics to be completely compatible with your technology of choice. Sublistock has hundreds of satisfied customers and will do what ever it takes to create the perfect graphic for you!


How it Works

Submit Your Design Request

Fill out a simple request form that includes a detailed description with any attachments (napkin scribbles are the best!) you have to demonstrate your requirements. You decide on the cost and privacy of the deisgn.

Sit BAck & Have Drink (or Two)

In as little as one hour, you will get a response to your design request. If we don’t have any questions we will get to work on your design! 

Purchase Your Design File

Depending on your choice on the request form, the file will be uploaded to our store and shared with the world and can be purchased immediately. Private requests will receive a private link to your file for purchase.